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In a world increasingly dependent on energy, the reliability of the power supply is one of the main concerns of the power utilities. However, the equipment used in the power network is aging, in many cases approaching its projected lifetime of around 40 years. Yet there is precious little readily available basic information regarding how insulating materials in transformers behave over longer periods of time. In a recent study Nynas researchers have looked at the properties of aging mineral insulating oils in service… (more)


A new method for the determination of peroxides in oil developed by researchers at Nynas promises to become a useful tool for both product development and analysis. Able to detect the very first signs of oxidative ageing, the INPOX method is versatile, accurate, clean, and easy to use… (more)

Oil filled transformer explosions can result in dangerous spillages, expensive damages and possible environmental pollution. To prevent explosions, a fast depressurization strategy based on a quick oil evacuation was developed and its efficiency was experimentally tested. The tests showed that an electrical fault generates a dynamic pressure peak which activates the protection within milliseconds, avoiding tank explosion… (more)

The South African transformer oil or insulating oil market has been dominated by the usage of uninhibited Naphthenic oil for several decades. This however is rapidly changing and may have catastrophic consequences for uninformed users, regenerators and recyclers of transformer oil… (more)

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