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The achievement of savings in energy consumption is a imperative in South African as energy consumers ask what they can do to reduce their energy bills. The new South African energy efficiency regulations, which came into effect in November 2011 (SANS 204:2011 and SANS 10400-XA-2011) relate to energy efficiency in buildings, environment sustainability and energy usage in buildings… (more)


It can be difficult to comprehend just how fast test equipment is evolving to meet the new challenges in manufacturing and maintenance applications. It was just the other day that thermography was a basic system to check on looming problems in electrical switchboards and transformer installations –today it is used in the building industry and even to check on the health of racehorses… (more)

The use of thermal imagers in the electrical industry is a common application for detection of bad connections, poor switching, looming transformer breakdown and many other electrical problems… (more)

It has long been known that coal from South African mines has different characteristics from that mined in the northern hemisphere and other parts of the world. Boilers in use in this country were designed for northern hemisphere coal, and the use of locally mined  coals has effects on their  performance which to date have only been the subject of surmise… (more)

Thermography applications are virtually endless, and although just about anyone can use a handheld thermal imager, sophisticated software is required in order to interpret a thermal image… (more)

Although thermography has a long history, its use has only increased in recent years with its commercial and industrial applications now commonplace… (more)

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