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This article describes the design method for determining an antenna matching circuit. While there are an infinite number of possible impedance matching networks, this application example focuses on a 50 O three element match. A three-element match is recommended as it allows the designer to select the required antenna quality factor, Q, for the application… (more)


Solar charging of batteries has recently become very popular. A solar cell’s typical voltage is 0,7 V. Panels range from a 1 cell to several cells in series and are therefore capable of producing a wide range of voltages… (more)

Today’s complex radar and avionics systems require high processing capabilities – but face restrictive size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints. The functions driving these systems are signal processing-intensive. They benefit greatly from efficient implementations of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms executed on size, performance and power efficient processors… (more)

Recycling in South Africa has not yet reached the level of success that we would like to attain if we want to keep up with international developments… (more)

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