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The buzz around software defined storage; networking and security are sparking new concerns in businesses. The terms software defined storage (SDS), software defined networking (SDN) and even software defined security and firewalls are being bandied around a great deal lately, sparking concern among those who aren’t clear on what the terms mean… (more)


Smart grids are seen as a combination of technologies, not just the power products and systems forming the physical transportation of electrical energy. Information technology such as smart meters, advanced SCADA systems, forecasting tools, business intelligence and many other examples of modern software solutions are adding smartness to the power system parts of tomorrow’s smart grid networks… (more)

Investments in software applications can achieve significant return on investment for small and medium enterprises – despite the perceived high up-front costs… (more)

Questions about the scalability, performance and reliability of open source software have been answered through its use on such popular websites as Facebook, one of the world’s largest and most innovative applications, and LinkedIn, the professional social networking website that uses the open source database MySQL to handle its database of more than 30-million subscribers. However, it may have taken the reality of a global recession to convince many enterprises that open source computing is ready for prime time… (more)

An apparently simple operation to polish a work piece is in fact highly complex. A skilled person with a long experience in this process can do it very well and most of the handling is based on “feeling.” With newly-developed software tools, robots can learn the “feeling” required for high-quality polishing. Their flexibility and constant optimal performance make robots an irreplaceable tool for the computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C) industry… (more)

IT based industries have shown great interest in open source software (OSS) over the past few years. The fundamental reason for the exponentially expanded share of OSS products in the industry may seem to be reduced research and development (R&D) costs and time. The visible actual costs associated with OSS at first blush point to licensing costs. What people don’t recognise while using OSS are the hidden costs, which are realised sooner or later… (more)

Hotter than the sun and yet one of the coldest places on earth, the largest machine in the world is 27 km long, lives 100 m underground and spans two countries. The machine, called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will cost a staggering $3,5-billion. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, more commonly known as CERN, has designed it to reveal the secrets of the universe… (more)

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