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As we reach the upper limits of what can be achieved with silicon-based circuitry, new nanotechnologies are being explored, including DNA structures. The imminent demise of Moore’s Law has been predicted before, yet silicon technology has always risen from its expected ashes to keep on increasing the number of transistors on chip wafers – generally in keeping with Moore’s original predictions…. (more)

Quantum computing is based on different mathematics and different hardware from conventional, binary computing. Still in development, it will have unique advantages when it becomes a reality… (more)

While there is a worldwide adoption of cloud computing in one form or another, there are still many companies and organisations who hesitate to go this route, despite the obvious advantages. Sometimes this is because they are not familiar with the concept, sometimes they are confused about what is involved, and the largest obstacle remains perceptions about security. Roy Johnson speaks to Andy Brauer, CTO of  Business Connexion, about best practices for cloud computing solutions… (more)

Windows 7 looks good but the jury is still out on whether Vista’s reputation will slow its adoption. Before we look at the technical aspects of Windows 7 – scheduled for launch in consumer markets on 23 October 2009 – there are some questions about just how quickly it will be adopted… (more)

Google’s announcement of the upcoming Chrome operating system leads to many questions but, thus far, no definitive answers – except that changes are happening in the industry… (more)

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