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Make sure you understand the do’s and don’ts of process safety, including safety instrumented systems, PLC redundancy, fieldbus technology, field devices, standards and employee skills. Changes in technology have led to a variety of recent developments in process safety, with many suppliers releasing new systems that depart from the past significantly. These do’s and don’ts can help you choose the right safety-instrumented system for your process… (more)


Before answering the question on automation’s role in reducing business risks in mining, one would need to consider what the business risks are and how automation can assist in risk reduction. At the recent Automation University Classic 2013, x’s Global Solutions division South Africa listed ten top business risks according to Ernst & Young’s Business risks facing mining and metals 2012-2013: resource nationalism, skills shortage, infrastructure access, cost inflation, capital project execution, maintaining a social licence to operate, price and currency volatility, capital management and access, sharing the benefits and fraud and corruption… (more)

This article demonstrates how MES can help meet the challenges of sustainable production in addition to conventional uses. The methodology for extending the scope of MES to achieve energy efficiency and other sustainability goals is explained, using standardised practices and actual installations… (more)

The past decade has seen many improvements in residential, commercial and industrial lighting control. This has resulted in more efficient use of electricity, daylight and more versatile, automated, and convenient controls… (more)

With thoughts of economic stagnation, manufacturing decline, automation and associated job losses on our minds, and with the threat posed by China looming large as the de facto manufacturing workshop of the world, four intrepid South African “techies” set off for the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, to find out more at the 2011 Rockwell Automation Fair held from 15 to 17 November 2011… (more)

The more designers can integrate the safety functions of a control system with non-safety functions, the better the opportunity to minimise equipment redundancies, improve productivity and minimise costs… (more)

For some years now there has been a trend towards medium voltage drive systems for large, heavy and high power applications… (more)

Plantwide optimisation – one of a host of different goals in industry – is becoming increasingly important for many organisations. Through initiatives such as energy saving, operational excellence, cost reduction and regulatory compliance, companies are beginning to see the convergence of these becoming a reality… (more)

I don’t believe that business cycles will disappear, but that cycles will be characterised by more economic uncertainties, as in the past. If we compare the last business cycle with the current one, in the last cycle we saw emerging markets really emerging, today we see emerging markets recovering… (more)

This article is about powering a typical AC drive from a generator source. Some data is theoretical and some from installations. It is hoped that this article will give readers a better understanding of the drive/generator system… (more)

Information-enabled machines arm manufacturers with a valuable resource for gaining the critical operational insight they need in today’s knowledge-based business environment… (more)

Are test equipment suppliers providing enough application support for analytical instrumentation? Suppliers deal with many installations and constantly learn from their customers. A progressive supplier will share his learning experiences with all his customers whether by issuing regular applications notes or holding customer seminars… (more)

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