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The parliamentary portfolio committee on Rural Development and Land Reform held public hearings on the draft Geomatics Profession Bill on 16 April 2013. PLATO, SAGI, GISSA, IMSSA and the SA Council for Planners (SACPLAN) gave oral submissions at the hearings. Full details are as follows… (more)

Reading through the submissions at the recent parliamentary public hearings into the Geomatics Profession Bill, it was evident that GISSA, SAGI, IMSSA, and PLATO had common concerns about the somewhat indifferent consultation process, the inadequate defining of the geomatics profession, and the representivity of the new geomatics council. Most parties making submissions expressed their frustration with the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) saying that comments submitted on previous occasions were not acknowledged, no feedback was provided and there was no evidence of the comments having been incorporated into the Bill… (more)

Dr. Mark Norris-Rogers is the winning letter writer for August 2012. He won a Canon colour i-SENSYS MF8080Cw Wireless Multifunction Printer. He submitted a letter questioning certain aspects of PLATO’s continuing professional development programme… (more)

This month’s PositionIT Inbox features a letter from Dr. Mark Norris-Rogers on the PLATO CPD programme and a response from PLATO President Paul Marshall… (more)

PLATO President Paul Marshall has confirmed that delegates and presenters at GISSA Ukubuzana 2012 will earn credits for PLATO’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. Delegates attending the GISSA Ukubuzana 2012 Conference will earn three Category 1 points for attending the three day conference and one Category 3 point for presenting a paper at the conference… (more)

The PLATO governed Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme started officially on the first of June 2012. There will be no big gala event nor will there be fireworks to mark the occasion, it will simply mean that from the first of June all registered persons will need to earn a minimum of three CPD credits before the first of June 2013 and a minimum of twenty CPD credits in each five year cycle thereafter (subject to the transitional procedures as set out in the PLATO CPD Rules)… (more)

Young Surveyors Network is the youngest commission of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) operating in South Africa under the umbrella of the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). Membership of the network will comprise surveyors that are registered with PLATO (Technical and Professional)… (more)

The issue of “continued professional development” (CPD) is one that has been discussed both formally and informally for several years now. CPD has seen a new impetus in recent years and is now a compulsory requirement for registration with many of the statutory councils. The new “Plato” Bill (Section 8(1)(d)(ix)) makes specific reference to a compulsory CPD programme… (more)


In the years prior to 1984 only land surveyors were registered and without titling themselves as such they were considered to fall into the then relatively narrow definition of “professional”. This put them in the same, so called, elite club as doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, and engineers. Apart from the qualification requirements for registration, all professionals subjected themselves to a code of conduct enforced by a procedure of discipline… (more)

A tariff should be an open contract between a service provider (the surveyor) and the public, filed with a regulating body (PLATO/SAGI). The conditions of providing a service to the public including rates, fees and charges. At a minimum, tariffs imposed must cover the cost of providing the service, maintaining this service at an optimum quality that is acceptable to the customer, additional research and other indirect costs… (more)

The recent meeting of the SAGI Northern Provinces Branch, Engineering Commission was well attended by a number of serving members of the egineering survey fraternity, instrument suppliers, retired surveyors and educators involved with the training of construction surveyors. The numbers in attendance ensured lively debate, and many diverse viewpoints were discussed on a number of issues, the most pertinent being the matter of required registration of PLATO, before eligibility for SAGI membership… (more)

 At the 2009 PLATO Annual General Meeting, IMSSA requested the introduction of a new category of registration for Mine Surveyors, namely Pr. Cert MS. The intention is to lobby the DMR to accept this new category as the NOF Level 6 MHSA requirement for the appointment of a Competent Person. PLATO has approved the category as MS (Pr. Cert.) It is important to note that the meaning of Pr. Cert. is Professional Certificated and not Professional Certified. What it means is that members must be registered as a Mine Surveyor first, and upon attainment of the GCC, Professional Certificated will be added to the member’s MS registration in the register. This provides a route for Mine Surveyors to be recognised as professional without the degree requirement… (more)

Notice is hereby given that the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO) has resolved to allow a further opportunity, for persons who feel that they may qualify for registration in terms of Section 20(2)(A) or Section 22(3) of Act 40 of 1984 (as amended by Act 170 of 1993), to apply for registration with the council. All applications must the reach the registrar’s office on or before 31 May 2010. No applications received after this date will be considered… (more)

The Professional and Technical Surveyors Act 40/1984 requires the SA Council of Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO) to accredit academic courses as qualifying graduates of those courses for registration in the PLATO categories of professional and technical practitioners. Under Section 19 of the Act there is established the Education Advisory Committee (EAC) one of whose functions is “to investigate the syllabus of instruction and the standard of training” provided by educational institutions… (more)

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