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Lightning current arresters for low-voltage power systems are usually designed and tested only for use in AC power systems. The performance and operational behaviour of a surge protective device, connected to an AC power system, can be completely different to the performance and operational behaviour of the same surge protective device connected to a DC power system… (more)


Bluetooth is a wireless technology which has become very popular in the consumer sector. At present, it is fact that there are more Bluetooth than WLAN chip sets sold each year. This is predominantly due to the use of the Bluetooth technology in cell phones, headsets, etc. The base technology is standardised in IEEE 802.15.1… (more)

The top five challenges typically encountered on the factory floor and criteria for selecting industrial PCs and associated components. With PC-based control systems gaining popularity, plant engineers are turning to industrial PCs (IPCs) for control and data collection applications human-machine interface (HMI)… (more)

The top five challenges typically encountered on the factory floor and criteria to consider when selecting industrial PCs and associated components. With the PC-based control systems gaining popularity, plant engineers are turning to industrial PCs (IPCs) for control, HMI and data collection applications… (more)

In today’s control, visualisation and SCADA systems, industrial PCs are mission-critical components. Whether the installation is within a manufacturing environment, an infrastructure project like a power substation or any other industrial application, the overall functionality of the complete task typically relies on the industrial PC… (more)

Phoenix Contact was elected the 2012 recipient of the Hermes Award for its LM-S lightning monitoring system. The award ceremony took place during the opening of the annual Hanover Trade Show, attended by German chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao. The lightning monitoring system, said to be especially suitable to the renewables industry, enables the measurement of the number and intensity of lightning strikes to installations such as wind turbine rotor blades… (more)

Because of the growth in systems to generate renewable energy, power producers are expanding low voltage and medium voltage supply networks, and are focusing on measured value acquisition. Using pluggable measuring transducer terminals, measuring and protection devices can be designed to be replaceable using prefabricated cables… (more)

Machine and plant construction companies must develop innovative concepts that allow energy consumption to be reduced noticeably. A logical way to do this in industrial sustainably automation is by enhancing the communication effectiveness of control technology… (more)

A wide range of different relay modules is used in almost all industrial areas. Generally, the components are used to switch digital signals in a control cabinet… (more)

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