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Microcontroller-based power conversion solutions offer extensive flexibility and allow installations combining solar photovoltaic (PV) and LED lighting to stay abreast with new additions and upgrades… (more)


Performance improvements in light-emitting dioes (LEDs) and photovoltaic solar cells due to developments in technology improve the performance of the end-application… (more)

Low power is often considered a central tenet of green product, but the nature of the low power is rarely clarified or quantified. The requirements for a low-power microcontroller (MCU) will be dependent upon the application. Minimum power mode: This will be used in an application such as a battery-operated thermostat… (more)

RF harvesting is a viable option for a wide range of applications, with proven technology providing a platform for prototyping new products. Battery-powered sensors can be replaced with a selection of components and power balancing… (more)

Touch-screen and touch-panel interfaces have rapidly assumed the position of input-medium-of-choice in a wide variety of application spaces, driven to a large extent by the success of portable products such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad… (more)

As the demand for more feature-rich remote keyless entry (RKE) deployment increases, so does the need to also offer longer-range wireless solutions. The typical RKE transmitter has become more than just a convenient way of locking and unlocking your vehicle when you’re getting close to it… (more)

New techniques are pushing embedded power management beyond sleep mode. With sleep modes no longer able to deliver the energy economies which can support a new generation of products with decade-long battery life-times, microcontroller manufacturers are turning to new techniques to take embedded power management beyond the conventional sleep mode… (more)

An innovative single-chip solution eases the commercial and technical pain of adding support for a wide range of graphical displays. We live in an age where the rate of technological change has created a level of expectation in the way we interact with electronic devices… (more)

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