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Mike Weidenmann of Wika Instruments answers questions such as: What is a magnetic snap-action contact?… (more)


We asked a number of experts in the field of measurement and instrumentation to give us their thoughts on the application of wireless technology in the measurement and instrumentation sector… (more)

This question raises eyebrows in whatever community it is asked. Why should we be so shocked when we all ask for the same information many times a day? We have all been caught out by shirt sizes (small, medium, large etc.) and have found that there is no standard… (more)

Someone came along with a box of electronic tricks, called the Tellurometer, and measured the Isiolo base in about 20 minutes to a very comparable accuracy and similarly that at Malindi. The Isiolo base had suddenly become the last such line to be measured in catenary and a new era had dawned for the surveyor. The traverse from Malindi to Isiolo had been estimated to take between 2 and 2½ years to complete by traditional methods but with the Tellurometer it took just 28 days to cover the 402 miles in 26 traverse legs… (more)

It is now more than 50 years since the survey world was startled and revolutionised by the invention of the Tellurometer by Trevor Lloyd Wadley. A new book ” Trevor Lloyd Wadley – Genius of the Tellurometer” provides a look at the character of the inventor and outlines the circumstances under which the invention was born… (more)

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