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Lightning is a serious issue which is often under-estimated until faced with its disastrous consequences. Protection against this severe energy source requires professional equipment, professionally installed. Simply buying a few protector plugs or multi-plug extensions from the hardware store could well finish off whatever electrical and computer equipment is indoors, connected to the mains or not!… (more)


The design of a solar power plant should include lightning protection in accordance with the IEC 62305-2 standard… (more)

Q: I am installing lightning protection at a cellphone site. How do I calculate the number of rods required to achieve a meter reading of 10 ohms? The ground is very damp. A: Lightning protection is a highly specialised field. The design installation of lightning protection must be done according to SANS 10313, the South African standard for protection against lightning, “Physical damage to structures and life hazard”… (more)

In November 2011 EngineerIT invited the lightning protection industry to respond to a number of questions on how companies and individuals should go about protecting their equipment against lightning strikes and mains surges. Respondents made some useful suggestions… (more)

“I have installed a cheap surge and lightning protector I bought at the Hypermarket  – so what is all the fuss about?” This is often heard in the home as well in the office… (more)

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