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The software industry in South Africa plays a substantial role in the enterprise industry through software solutions for business. There are many processes that need to be followed to ensure that operations are smooth and that the necessary tasks are undertaken to achieve service delivery. CMMI is the acronym for capability maturity model integration. The Joburg Centre for software engineering (JCSE) defines CMMI as a process improvement model that is used to rate the maturity of organisations’ processes… (more)

The launch edition of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering’s (JCSE) Source Code magazine has been released. This JCSE initiative aims to provide a comprehensive resource guide for the software development community in South Africa and contains lists of independent software vendors as well as information on all of the ICT-related programs at South African universities… (more)

When one thinks about the challenges faced by South Africa’s IT sector as it struggles to define its role within the hugely competitive international IT industry, making progress in small achievable steps certainly makes sense… (more)

Oh no – not another information technology disaster! As lawyers on both sides sharpen their pencils, the future of another major South African IT project hangs in the balance…  (more)

Since government is only one of the stakeholders in the sector, is it fair to ask what other stakeholders are doing in support of the sector? A journalist recently commented on South Africa’s presence at the recent CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, Germany, contrasting South Africa’s “small stand hosting seven local companies under the umbrella of the Department of Trade and Industry” and “the enormous stands provided by other countries… (more)

It is often said that today’s university students will, in 20 years time, be doing jobs and using technologies that haven’t yet been invented. Cell phones, digital photography, the world-wide web, GPS, games consoles and iPods – none of these existed in their present forms 20 years ago… (more)

Managing a business in a time of economic crisis is largely about dealing with uncertainty. Worldwide today, as we face one of the worst recessions in history, the sources of uncertainty in the business environment have grown exponentially… (more)

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