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It has finally arrived – internet in the sky!  Mango airline has introduced internet on its flights and other airlines are likely to follow… (more)


The popular mantra “everything over IP and IP over everything” still applies today, but when one looks under the hood, it becomes apparent that the unsung workhorse driving the evolution of modern network communication, including that of the internet, is MPLS… (more)

While there is still a significant degree of hesitation and uncertainty about the viability of “cloud computing”, an increasing number of businesses are getting to grips with the technology in South Africa. Easy enough to understand in concept, the “cloud” is actually a metaphor for the internet and stems from the cloud icon that is used to depict it in computer network diagrams. The cloud is therefore an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure of the internet… (more)

While ADSL and even wireless has brought access to broadband within the reach of many South Africans, there are still areas of the country with little or no access to the internet, although Telkom offers limited VSat services with packages that combine internet with voice. But there is now light on the (broadband) horizon… (more)

The internet has become firmly entrenched in the lives of many people across the globe, and individuals have begun to take this connectivity for granted. But the fact is that only a decade ago the landscape was very different: connectivity has evolved radically over the last ten years or so, and now offers benefits to smaller businesses that was initially only affordable by the big boys… (more)

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