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The embedded internet: it is estimated that there will be 15-billion connected devices by 2015. Various forces, including political, economic and social, are driving the need to tightly couple embedded devices and sensors with established applications… (more)


Engineers at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) have developed a portable mapping system – carried in a backpack – that can be used to automatically create annotated physical maps of locations where GPS is not available, such as in underground areas and on ships… (more)

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, famously observed back in 1965 that “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip approximately doubles every 24 months.” The time-frame has since been shortened to 18 months, and transistor count has faded as the metric for computational power. Today, the law is taken to mean that a device of size X will have twice the computing power in 18 months as a comparable device today… (more)

Virtualisation is an important technology. It was introduced to the IT market at the right time, when “off the shelf” servers provide far more computer power than the majority of applications need. This is part one of a two-part article… (more)

The notion of leveraging IT to deliver healthcare services is not new. There are many efforts across the continent focusing on tele-medicine and tele-health with the aim of reducing costs and improving access to healthcare. These efforts range from complex electronic medical projects to digitising X-rays and automating data capture in hospitals… (more)

At the recently-held Battle for Broadband Symposium arranged by EngineerIT, speakers offered many new insights into how the battle for broadband is being won. In many cases, not as fast as most of us would like but progress is being made. Speakers also offered insights into how businesses  both large and small will benefit from the broadband of tomorrow. They all believe that tomorrow is around the corner… (more)

Security concerns, resistance to change and new partnerships – all in the mixed bag of cloud computing.  Cloud computing is for many experts the ultimate way to get more computing for their buck. There are others who have major concerns about security, not trusting their business information to a third party of private clouds. Yet another group sees it as an opportunity for partnerships and new growth in an industry where budgets have been flat for some time… (more)

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