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From the ICMEESA archive A calliper-type brake gear designed to operate with oil-controlled spring units for even distribution of pressure and wear… (more)


A practical solution to the cutting of steel wire hoisting ropes at a depth 2500 ft (762 m) under water. The ropes were attached to conveyances that were held at the bottom of a flooded mine shaft… (more)

From the ICMEESA archive: A rarely encountered job of work done on shaft guide ropes at the Consolidated Murchison mine in the Northern Transvaal: deepening an existing shaft from 213 to 427 m called for replacement of the guide ropes… (more)

From the ICMEESA archives: Methods for pump unit priming and the difficulties caused by contaminated conditions where foot valves and head tanks cannot be used… (more)

In the past, when mining was in its heyday, South Africa had many certificated engineers whose training was among the best in the world. Times have changed, however, and many companies have either cut down on or stopped providing training to certificated engineers altogether… (more)

There was a need in industry, mines and factories for competent people to assume responsibility for a safe working environment for the personnel, the machines and surrounds of the workplace. As a result of this the first government certificate of competency was issued… (more)

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