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Integrating disparate systems within facilities helps facility owners and managers achieve synergies that would otherwise not be possible with the traditional silo approach to managing HVAC, lighting, access control, security, fire & life safety and communications systems… (more)


In general, HVAC transmission lines have an inherent design inefficiency whereby the conductor current carrying capability remains largely unused.  With increasing system voltages this design inefficiency worsens. When the same transmission line is converted to carry direct current, the full conductor current carrying capability can be fully employed… (more)

Steadily increasing energy consumption and the environmental impact via rising carbon emissions demand that developers take serious cognisance of the importance of designing and constructing energy efficient offices, commercial buildings and homes… (more)

Building management systems (BMSs) have over the years become more sophisticated in capability and functionality but are still under-utilised. BMS has moved on from the days of the carousel projector through to fully animated 3D graphics, encompassing the world of the internet, embedded web servers at controller level and other modern technologies, bringing new challenges to this field of expertise… (more)

Data center electrical efficiency is rarely planned or managed.  The unfortunate result is that most data centers waste substantial amounts of electricity. Today it is both possible and prudent to plan, measure, and improve data center efficiency.  In addition to reducing electrical consumption, efficiency improvements can gain users higher IT power densities and the ability to install more IT equipment in a given installation. This paper explains how data center efficiency can be measured, evaluated, and modeled, including a comparison of the benefits of periodic assessment vs. continuous monitoring… (more)

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