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An analysis of the economics, thermal characteristics and development of heat pump water heaters in South Africa… (more)


An analysis of the economics, thermal characteristics and development of heat pump water heaters in South Africa. s. Heat pump water heaters are recommended as sustainable and energy saving products. They save about 67% of electricity consumption… (more)

The heat pump is set to have an impact on residential energy use. This article explains why and takes a look at the technology behind it. South Africa’s new building regulations demand that sustainable energy systems be incorporated into all new residential buildings. In terms of SANS 10400, “at least 50% by volume of the annual average hot water heating requirement shall be provided by means other than electrical resistance heating including, but not limited to, solar heating, heat pumps, heat recovery from other systems or processes and renewable combustible fuel”… (more)

Eskom Integrated Demand Management (IDM) has added a rebate programme on heat pumps to its hot water solutions initiative. The programme, which focuses on residential water heating, aims to facilitate the installation of at least 65 000 systems by March 2013 at a cost of R250-million, saving an estimated 54 MW of capacity… ( more)

The main drivers for the resort implementing electricity efficiency measures is firstly to satisfy Eskom’s requirement to reduce electricity consumption and to mitigate the chance of incurring significant electricity consumption penalties in the forthcoming years. The resort also has a strong policy of continuous improvement, pushing the need for increased electricity efficiency. The interventions have reduced the resort’s electricity consumption by an average of 22% compared to the base year… (more)

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