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Sir, This is indeed a Herculean task of no mean proportions to read all 480 pages making up the final version of National Development Plan – Trevor Manual’s plan, as I believe the NDP is colloquially known. With its great sweep of issues of national importance, one is of necessity forced to focus on specific areas of interest to avoid being drowned in the greater wash of the common good of economic and labour matters, education, training, skills and even energy… (more)

When things are going well it’s easy to think big. When Eskom was a world-class utility, we dreamt big. Sadly, all that is water under the bridge. We have stopped thinking since the plug was pulled in 2008. We no longer think big, except in terms of blackouts, price increases and debt… (more)

At the start of 2008, South Africans had a small taste of what life without electrical energy would be like. That’s why Eskom is investing a great deal of energy, finance and technology into understanding the behaviour and status of its complex grid and generation facilities on a national level with an initiative that is known as the Plant Data System or PDS… ( more)

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