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Advances in materials science, designing and in manufacturing process made medium voltage switchgear reliable, but insulation failures continue to happen, often resulting in equipment damage… (more)


Building the room around the rack can ease cooling challenges and save money. This article discusses the issues making data centre cooling more challenging than ever and explains why starting the data centre design process with the racks rather than the room can help businesses reduce energy consumption, increase capacity and optimise floor space utilisation… (more)

The four primary options available for maintenance and service of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products, their differences and specific advantages… (more)

In early 2002, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a voluntary programme in which partner companies agreed to reduce SF6 emissions through technically and economically feasible actions… (more)

Variable frequence drives (VFDs) replaced motor generator sets and DC drives because of improved process performance and reduced maintenance costs. When the energy crisis occurred in the early 1970s, saving energy became a critical goal and the use of VFDs quickly spread into large pump applications and eventually into HVAC fan systems… (more)

Both soft starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs) can reduce inrush currents and limit torque, protecting equipment and extending motor life by reducing motor heating caused by frequent starts and stops. Choosing between a soft starter and a VFD often depends on the application, system requirements, and cost, both for initial startup and over the life cycle of the system… (more)

Five questions to ask before buying a high-efficiency, multi-mode UPS. In the quest to reduce energy In the quest to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs, data center managers have been looking more closely than ever at the energy efficiency of their uninterruptible power systems (UPSs)… (more)

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headache. Many organisations today use by Jim Tessier, Eaton Corporation standalone software from multiple vendors to monitor and manage their uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), power distribution units (PDUs) and other crucial power quality and environmental devices. Short on features and poorly integrated with other management resources, these outdated applications only add further complexity to a variety of common power-related administrative challenges… (more)

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