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In the beginning generation was local and supplied local demand. That changed because of technological advancements with improved efficiency and economies of scale. Modern society is highly dependent on the availability of cheap and reliable electricity. A revival of interest in distributed generation implies a full circle in the generation of electricity… (more)


A range of national and local policies and strategies promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in response to the electricity crisis and national climate change commitments. This trend is not only local, but global. In South Africa this is taking place in the context of rapidly decreasing renewable energy costs and simultaneous rapidly increasing grid electricity costs resulting from the new build programme… (more)

Say what you will about the smart grid, the strongest grid may be no grid at all. The electrical power grid is under pressure as capacity continually increases, and cascading outages or systemic collapse are problems that are becoming increasingly likely. The solution: distributed generation… (more)

The electric utility industry accounts for 25% of CO2 emissions worldwide, carrying the reputation as being the largest contributor amongst all industries. Therefore, utilities are under pressures to reduce energy consumption and emission outputs. Smart grid and smart meter technology is an effective way for electric utilities to reduce carbon emissions. Smart Grids allow utilities to manage their distribution grids more efficiently, to reduce power generation, create fewer emissions and reduce outages… (more)

Unlike wind power converters, central solar inverters bear huge potential for technical optimisation. At the moment, photovoltaic systems bear the biggest potential for increasing the efficiency of solar panels as well as of the overall system design… (more)

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