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With the improvement of electronic communications and computing technology, it becomes possible to integrate and improve the capabilities of the protection and automation systems on our power grids… (more)


There are big plans to develop Africa, but those development plans are often stumped by the weak electrical infrastructure and the inability of utilities to supply the power required for the development. Voltage source converter (VSC) HVDC is one of the technologies that is well suited to strengthening the African transmission networks and act as an enabler for economic development… (more)

VSC based HVDC (also called HVDC Lite) is an important technology that is suited to strengthen the weak transmission and distribution systems in Africa. There has been much development in the power electronics field to the point where NR Electric Co. is busy designing a five terminal VSC HVDC system for the city of Shanghai… (more)

Voltage dips are a major power quality problem for modern industrial processes, causing millions of Rands worth of plant outages. Static synchronous compensators (Statcom) are the latest generation of dynamic reactive power compensation equipment that can be used to effectively mitigate voltage dips amongst other power quality problems… (more)

With growing demand and constrained and weak power systems in Southern Africa, we need to find the means to improve the power transmission capability within acceptable power quality limits. Reactive power compensation (RPC) offers the most economic means to do so… (more)

By 2018, about 60% of the installed capacity of HVDC schemes worldwide will be in China (in only 20% of the number of schemes). By necessity, China has become the leader in HVDC, with a strong emphasis on developing its own country’s capabilities. The result is that Chinese HVDC firms are now globally competitive on complete HVDC schemes, with ?800 kV and 6400 MW schemes being standard. Chinese firms are also at the forefront of the development of HVDC technology with the testing of 1100 kV valves as well as fault based maintenance methodology… (more)

National growth manifests itself to the power supply industry as a surge in demand on the distribution networks, which form the bulk of the electricity supply industry infrastructure but don’t get the attention enjoyed by the transmission networks or generation infrastructure… (more)

The market for power factor correction (PFC) equipment in South Africa has been driven by the electricity tariffs related to power factor and reactive energy. As a result, the market for industrial and mining PFC has been very quiet, but this is expected to change suddenly as Eskom plans to implement a “low power factor” charge from July 2011… (more)

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