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The achievement of savings in energy consumption is a imperative in South African as energy consumers ask what they can do to reduce their energy bills. The new South African energy efficiency regulations, which came into effect in November 2011 (SANS 204:2011 and SANS 10400-XA-2011) relate to energy efficiency in buildings, environment sustainability and energy usage in buildings… (more)


Productivity is the key to survival in today?s globally competitive environment. When you think about the basic inputs to production-time, labour, and materials – you can see there isn’t much room for optimisation. You have 24 hours per day, labour is costly, and you don’t have much choice in materials. Thus, every company must use automation to gain more output from the same inputs, or perish… (more)

In simplest terms, vibration in motorized equipment is merely the back and forth movement or oscillation of machines and components, such as drive motors, driven devices (pumps, compressors and so on) and the bearings, shafts, gears, belts and other elements that make up mechanical systems. Vibration in industrial equipment can be both a sign and a source of trouble. Other times, vibration just “goes with the territory” as a normal part of machine operation, and should not cause undue concern… (more)

Users of laser distance meters were asked for ideas on how to use a laser distance meter, and quite a few answers were received. Here are 101 of the best… (more)

Typical vibration analysers and software are intended for monitoring machine condition over the longer term, but require special training and investment that may not be possible in many companies. Vibration analysers used in condition-based monitoring or predictive maintenance programmes rely on baseline conditions to evaluate machine condition and estimate remaining life… (more)

By the end of this year, thousands of European businesses will have to meet the new EU Building Directive, as well as many other energy efficiency regulations. Energy performance certificates (EPCs) will become mandatory within the EU for new buildings and large building refurbishments… (more)

Generating complex real-world, mixed-signal waveforms may not be trivial. But it should be feasible, practical, and routine.  Simulation, in the best of cases, is an exacting science. In other cases, such as when complex natural events or physical systems are involved, the outcome may be downright unpredictable… (more)

Why ground? Poor grounding not only contributes to unnecessary downtime, but a lack of good grounding is also dangerous and increases the risk of equipment failure. Without an effective grounding system, we could be exposed to the risk of electric shock, not to mention instrumentation errors, harmonic distortion issues, power factor problems… (more)

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