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Although reliance on computers is now ubiquitous, in the industrial context these machines are literally of capital significance. Automated system crashes due to software failures are not mere annoyances; they are destructive events that cost money and may threaten a business’ survival… (more)


In the age of exploration, the British Empire was able to achieve great maritime feats thanks to a modest new invention: the marine chronometer, a clock that could keep accurate time while at sea. By setting the chronometer to the local time in the port city of Greenwich, then comparing that time to the position of the sun in the sky, British captains could calculate their longitude to extraordinary levels of accuracy… (more)

A network-attached storage (NAS) unit is a computer appliance used solely for data access (read/write) and backup, built from the ground up with integrated hardware and software for storing and serving files… (more)

Industrial computer manufacturers need to deliver a product that is rugged, hardened, and reliable to a degree beyond the consumer standard. These requirements exist because industrial computers are often deployed in severe conditions and harsh environments, sometimes even on moving vehicles. One key industrial requirement is vibration and shock resistance, which allows industrial computers to operate in truly extreme conditions… (more)

One of the greatest challenges for industrial computing manufacturers is to deliver products that meet industrial standards and operate in harsh environments… (more)

Power substations play a critical role in transporting electricity from power plants to homes, businesses, and factories. However, a typical power grid can be comprised of hundreds of substations that need to monitored and controlled… (more)

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