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A recent academic study compared solar aided power generation (SAPG) solutions with that of a similar-sized stand-alone concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in the South African context. The objective was to determine the real advantages of these technologies… (more)


eThekwini Municipality’s integrated development plan includes a quality living environment programme. Asset management is included in this programme. The integrated asset management plan includes the management of electricity, water and sanitation, roads, transport, parks and leisure, stormwater, solid waste and property and buildings assets… (more)

Working smarter rather than harder and longer is the key to staying at the top of an increasingly sophisticated and competitive engineering design market. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the use of 3D design technology for electrical substations, according to Barry Grib, project manager at Aurecon… (more)


The author discusses a revolutionary approach to the delivery of telecommunications infrastructure that can reduce costs by 60% in comparison to traditional methods… (more)

Smart metering (SM) systems can support various aspects of electricity distribution management, but it is important to understand the additional functionality of SM systems and to establish whether they meet the requirements for Africa… (more)

In today’s world of rapidly developing technology, businesses require increasingly advanced solutions to protect their data and virtual assets. Data centres should achieve uncompromising levels of performance.The impact of catastrophes such as power outages and security breaches at these centres can have a significant effect on business operations – compromising crucial business information, with severe consequences… (more)

This study investigated whether the existing data in South Africa is adequate for flood hazard mapping in rural areas. The most appropriate data sources were identified and, through the combination of GIS and hydraulic modelling, evaluated for determining the likely extent, frequency and depth of predicted flood events. The conclusion is that one-dimensional flood modelling can be carried out in some areas, but that more investment is needed for the collection of data appropriate for flood hazard mapping… (more)

Many governments still believe that implementing new schemes and procedures will lead to successful projects, but they often do not realise that changes in the landscape level usually take place slowly, over decades…  (more)

Smart metering (SM) systems are rolled out at a high rate internationally for various reasons. It is however true that SM as a component of smart grids will play a significant role in the electricity distribution industry to enhance energy efficiency and support revenue management. This paper elaborates on the functionality of SM to support various aspects of distribution management in the African context… (more)

Smart metering (SM) is an important tool in the management and improvement of energy efficiency. New metering technologies have been introduced all over the world to address energy (electricity, gas and heat) shortages, meter reading problems, revenue protection processes, customer service improvement and a host of other business-related issues. This is a complex and technically demanding process involving role-players from various backgrounds, such as engineering, finance, legislation, customer care and political intervention… (more)

South Africa has one of the worlds most advanced environmental legal frameworks entrenched with the environmental right to “ecologically sustainable development”. Numerous tools, including environmental impact assessment (EIA), are made available within the legal framework as listed in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA)… (more)

Aurecon is pleased to announce that after filing a formal notification with the Competition Commission of Aurecon and NetGroup’s intended merger, we have gained full approval to proceed with the merger. NetGroup, a market leader in transmission and distribution for utilities and industries in Southern Africa, will be merging its business operations with Aurecon as of 1 March 2012. Founded in 1987, NetGroup currently employs a multi-skilled work force of more than 260 people comprising engineers, business consultants, process analysts and information systems specialists… (more)

The injudicious and automatic replacement of standard motors with IE2 and IE3 motors may well result in an actual increase in the overall system energy consumption. When considering optimising energy conservation and efficiency one should never look at the specific efficiency of a single item in a system only, but always at the efficiency of the system as a whole… (more)

The injudicious and automatic replacement of standard motors with IE2 and IE3 motors can have potentially serious, unwanted and unintentional side effects. If one does not make allowances for these in the system design, an improvement in energy efficiency on the motor alone may well result in an actual increase in the overall system energy consumption… (more)

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