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  • Internet contributes US$18-billion to Africa’s GDP
  • Rwanda summit adopts “Smart Africa” manifesto
  • Angola sets goal of at least 12-million mobile phone users by 2017
  • Investment in ICT will reduce Africa’s poverty, says ITU boss
  • Ethiopian customs to confiscate US$13-million of equipment from Huawei
  • Malawi’s digital network will be ready by end November, says govt
  • Telecom Namibia connects to German platform
  • Nigeria sets tone for African telecoms regulators
  • MTN Zambia boosts internet speed… (more)
  • Sub-Saharan mobile broadband connections set for fast growth
  • MTN launches global virtual private network
  • Liquid Telecom opens “largest data centre in East Africa”
  • Bharti Airtel to enhance African connectivity
  • Forbes sees Ghana becoming tech-friendly hub for innovation
  • Nigeria set to auction unused mobile broadband spectrum next year
  • Telecom Namibia to deploy Zhone solution for advanced broadband
  • Koreans to provide Rwanda with systems integration and IT services… (more)

In today’s ever-developing technology environment –characterised by the daily introduction of new technologies and services –users have become accustomed to continued upgrade and replacement programs. The iPhone5 replaced the iPhone4 and Windows 8 replaced Windows 7 (or maybe not quite!). The general expectation is that anything new today is an improvement on what was there before… (more)

  • African mobile telecom market growing at over 21% pa
  • Asian firms develop satellite technology
  • Seacom, France-IX partner to interconnect African internet firms
  • Ethiopia signs US $1,6-billon deal with Chinese “spy” firms
  • Second phase of Kenyan digital project to start soon
  • Simbanet deploys GPON fibre technology in Dar es Salaam
  • Zimbabwe regulator slammed for ordering Econet tariff increase
  • Satellite link takes connectivity to remote parts of South Sudan
  • Uganda sets up high-tech unit to fight cyber crime
  • Satellite and digital broadcasting a boost for Nigeria’s economy… (more)

IHS raises US$522-million to build more cellphone towers
Vimpelcom set to sells sub-Saharan assets
Mobile Money generates more than than 11 000 jobs in Kenya
Zambia’s Africonnect budgets US$7-million in under-served areas
East African banks hard hit by cyber crimes
Zimbabwe telecoms disrupted in run-up to election
Ethiopia signs first half of major network expansion deal
Nigeria’s Borno state blacked out in wake of Boko Haram attacks
Rwandans take to e-tax platform despite problems… (more)

  • Econet’s Liquid Telecom buys Rwandatel
  • Namibia gets low-cost satellite Internet access
  • Consortium set up to roll out LTE 4G across Kenya
  • Vodacom launches M-Pesa in Mozambique
  • Smartphone revolution sparked by falling costs
  • Licence snag holds up Gambian voice services via ACE
  • Sony unveils expansion plans for Africa
  • Nigeria “needs one million cyber security experts”
  • Tanzania borrows US$403-million for next phase of ICT backbone… (more)

Experts say that South African cities have the potential to be the first truly “smart” cities on the African continent and to develop significant competitive advantage in this regard if the conversation starts now. According to David Bartlett, head of IBM’s Smarter Buildings initiative, there is a global urgency to create smarter cities, corporate buildings and campuses… (more)

1,3-million new electricity connections in Africa
Progress on substations in Kenya
Cote d’Ivoire plans new hydro scheme
Ethiopia-Kenya interconnection
Morocco focuses on wind and hydro energy
Burkino Faso expansion project
Thermal power station for Swaziland
Zambia – Kabompo growth project… (more)


  • Angola inaugurates network supervision centre
  • AccessKenya begins its network upgrade
  • EriTel privatisation seen as first step towards market liberalisation
  • Kenya’s Yu mobile cancels call rate increase.
  • Alcatel-Lucent to build 1000 base stations for Etisalat Nigeria
  • Libtelco launches fibre-optic cable service
  • Maroc Telecom to invest $1,2-billion in broadband network
  • Phone users top 5,6-millionin Rwanda
  • Vodacom Tanzania trials high-speed LTE technology
  • China pledges more investment in Zambia
  • Zimbabwe’s Liquid Telecom claims cross-border fibre top spot… (more)
  • Alcatel-Lucent builds Airtel’s network backbone
  • Ericsson and MTN roll out commercial LTE
  • Two killed attempting to bomb Airtel, MTN
  • France Telecom-Orange launches ACE submarine cable service
  • Ethiopia’s mobile subscribers now over 18-million
  • Kenya prioritises network security
  • Cellcom first to deploy fibre-optic network in Liberia
  • Somalia gets 3G mobile service
  • Tanzania: Airtel offers hefty tariff review
  • Econet takes over Zimbabwe’s TN Bank… (more)

Broadband linked to millennium development goals; Africa set to miss 2015 digital migration deadline; Tanzania sets aside US$30-million for rural telecoms project;  ZTE and Huawei win major Ethiopian contract; Mobile phone growth sets new records; MTN, Warid hit by Ugandan cyber fraud; Safaricom is top tax payer in Kenya; State monopoly shares blame for Morocco’s digital divide; Zambia looking to welcome fourth mobile operator; Zimbabwe: Potraz to build 54 base stations… (more)

UN promotes food-voucher system for Africa
Illegal optical-fibre network discovered in Cameroon
Egyptian firm seeks to shut down Google over “offensive” film
Kenya switches off 1,9-million counterfeit phones
New Nigerian broadband strategy due within three months
Ghana tops African broadband penetration log
Good and bad news for China’s Huawei Technologies
Ethio Telecom warned that “world class” ambition threatened
Airtel inaugurates solar-powered towers in Tanzania… (more)

Sierra Leone signs US$15-million Chinese loan to complete cable link; Nigeria’s National Rural Telephony Project comes to grief; Zimbabwe’s Telecel spends US$70-million to expand network; Namibia expands infrastructure to reduce telecoms costs; Tanzania’s IT-backbone drives down internet costs; Uganda announces plan to construct undersea cable; Airtel spends US$10m to expand Zambian network; More people have access to mobile phones than to clean water; ITU promotes broadband internet in Africa’s poorest countries… (more)

  • Study highlights development potential of mobile comms
  • Madagascar launches online research network
  • Airtel offers faster internet in Malawi, Madagascar and Rwanda
  • East Africa seeks joint approach to combat cyber crimes
  • Kenya’s mobile money monopoly unfair World Bank
  • Wifi hotspot convenience for Windhoek’s mobile web users
  • Nigerian senator threatens GSM firms with the boot
  • Tanzania’s ICT backbone reaches all border posts
  • Zimbabwe’s second city gets three new base stations… (more)


From small beginnings, Africa is slowly awakening to the opportunities of engaging on its own terms with the international science, engineering and technology, food and agriculture, manufacturing and business communities to achieve appropriate foreign investment and sustained economic growth… (more)

Smart metering (SM) is an important tool in the management and improvement of energy efficiency. New metering technologies have been introduced all over the world to address energy (electricity, gas and heat) shortages, meter reading problems, revenue protection processes, customer service improvement and a host of other business-related issues. This is a complex and technically demanding process involving role-players from various backgrounds, such as engineering, finance, legislation, customer care and political intervention… (more)

-Lack of infrastructure, skills causes Africa to lag in ICT readiness
-Angola’s Movicel launches fourth-generation network
-UBA grants Benin US$50-million for telecoms, power projects
-Kenya Telkom’s LION2 submarine cable goes live
-Liberia prepares for faster, more affordable internet
-Government cronies lobby for NITEL assets
-Local government in Rwanda set to step up ICT use
-China’s Huawei seeking to build landline system in South Sudan
-Tanzania signs US$6,7-million internet capacity deal with Rwanda
-Uganda’s “not closing down” UTL … (more)

Franck Cohen, president of SAP Europe, Middle East and Africa, recently visited South Africa as part of the company’s 40th anniversary. While most companies were still in the recovery stage when new dark clouds started gathering – mainly driven by the debt crisis in several euro zone countries – SAP celebrated its 40th anniversary with a 25% growth during 2011. In its annual results the euro zone’s financial woes are clearly reflected by a flat European market… (more)

Ghana tops, SA lags in broadband download speed; Nigeria seizes bank equipment from Benin; Kenya acts to contain damage from fibre cuts; Namibia’s new licences set to change telecoms landscape; Rwanda gets third telecoms operator; Tunisiana wins tender for 3G and landline licence; Warid to invest another US$25-milion in Uganda; Africonnect launches “fastest” internet service in Zambia; MTN gets extended licences in Benin, Cote d’Ivoire; 231 Tanzanian villages to get telecoms links… (more)

Philips Electronics and Eskom have announced Africa’s largest LED lighting deal to date. Under the agreement, 200 000 Philips MasterLED lamps are being distributed by Karebo Systems at discounted prices throughout South Africa to professional users of lighting such as hotels, banks, offices and retail outlets… (more)

SMS technology for project to aid Ethiopian mothers-to-be; Handset tax cut boosts Kenya sales, grows economy; Ericsson to upgrade Maputo’s M-Cel network; Liberia launches US$25-million ACE project; Nigerian plan to auction spectrum could raise US$5,5-billion; Fibre-optic cable lands in Sierra Leone; Vodacom Tanzania launches “affordable” internet via TV; Uganda’s non-payment of power bills pushes up internet costs; Bharti Airtel signs Nokia Siemens software contract… (more)

by Mike Rycroft, editor of Energize

This article was first published in Critical Thinking Forum, a supplement to the Mail & Guardian,

Three announcements in the last few weeks have created new hope that the long-awaited renewable energy (RE) programme will get underway, namely: the request-for-information on renewable energy projects from the Department of Energy (DoE); the announcement by the minister of energy of the establishment of a solar park in the Upington area; and the release of the draft integrated resource plan for electricity (IRP2010) for public comment… (more)

In Africa it is believed that for SDI to work and succeed it must be designed and developed in line with national priorities, especially those contained in the National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) plans. Furthermore, it is believed that the defining, inventory and cataloguing of fundamental geospatial datasets is key to the success of the SDI in Africa… (more)

African countries have been involved in spatial data infrastructure (SDI) activities for over a decade, however, recent studies have indicated that SDI implementation has not contributed significantly to ensuring that spatial information is effectively used in  decision-making in Africa. Africa needs spatial information to enable it to identify where the neediest areas on the continent are so that they can follow a targeted approach in addressing the needs of these communities… (more)

Unlike traditional geospatial information systems that rely only on an orthogonal, or top-down view of an area, Pictometry captures images obliquely, i.e. from an angle, and creates a more natural three-dimensional view so that users can see land features and structures clearly and in their entirety. With only minutes of training, a new user can access detailed imagery of a region and learn to navigate quickly and easily between views of a map to images… (more)

It is an incontrovertible fact that ever since that marvellous invention of that genius Faraday and that somewhat strange man Tesla, and that loud Yankee from Menlo Park, electricity has been harnessed for the greater good of man – and dare I say it, womanhood. Economies rise and fall not so much by the rise and fall of empires any longer, but by the price of electricity; nowhere more so than in a country that thrives on mines and heavy industry, smelters and furnaces. It is therefore all the more disturbing – disappointing? – in any case, outrageous, the way the price of electricity in your beloved country has escalated of late… (more)

Despite plenty of talk about fibre, satellites will continue to play an important role in African connectivity, both in direct access and cellular backhaul. It has been said that for years Africa has been known as the “Dark Continent”. The continent has historically struggled and continues to struggle with poor or non-existent communication infrastructure… (more)

Telkom CEO, Reuben September, and Ronald E. Spears, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions, today participated in a ceremony in Johannesburg to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and agreement which calls for both companies to establish seamless connectivity between the Telkom and AT&T networks, so that companies in sub-Saharan Africa can connect more effectively to other global markets. It would also allow multinational companies seeking to establish or expand their operations in these African countries to obtain Internet Protocol (IP) based and mobility services and applications more easily within the continent and around the world… (more)

Audiocast: Interview with Telkom’s Thami Masimango and AT&T’s Ronald Spears by Hans van de Groenendaal of EngineerIT (MP3 file)

Africa’s potential to be one of the biggest consumers of renewable energy will be one of the topics to be discussed at the forthcoming International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Solar World Congress. Chairperson Jon Adams believes that Africa is ‘a sleeping giant’ with regard to consumption of renewable energy… (more)

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