The South African Electrical Installation Regulations require registered electrical contractors to issue certificates of compliance (CoCs) in accordance with the Wiring Code (SANS10142-1) on completion of work on an electrical installation. An Accredited Inspection Authority (AIA), acting as agent of the Department of Labour (DoL), may be called in to inspect the electrical installation if there is any doubt of the validity of the CoC and/or the compliance of the electrical installation with the Wiring Code.It was against this backdrop that Mark Palmer of the Gauteng Accredited Inspection Authority (GAIA) became aware of some 2000 cases of invalid CoCs and sub-standard installations reported to the Department of Labour (DoL) since 2005. None of these cases, says Palmer, had been responded to by the Chief Inspector as dictated by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, prompting Palmer to conduct an exercise of his own… (more)