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by Mark Botha and Chris Yelland, EE Publishers

The debate around hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo is an issue of national and public interest. Shale gas extraction has the potential, some say, to change the face of the country’s power industry and improve the lives of millions of South Africans. Public opinion, however, is a powerful force well-known to have hampered the nuclear industry in the past… (more)


The recent landing of the West African Cable System (WACS) at Yzerfontein on the Cape West Coast has brought the issue of co-locating and sharing of infrastructure in the telecommunications environment strongly to the fore… (more)

When one thinks about the challenges faced by South Africa’s IT sector as it struggles to define its role within the hugely competitive international IT industry, making progress in small achievable steps certainly makes sense… (more)

The Johannesburg Press Club and EE Publishers invite you, your friends, colleagues and all interested persons to attend an open public debate on “Fracking in the Karoo  for and against”… (more)

When joining a company to head it up in the middle of an economic downturn and facing a constrained market as well as an unsettled company because of management changes, the challenges could be daunting… (more)

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is defined as a measure of organisational capability to rate the maturity of an organisation’s processes… (more)

There has recently been debate at several of the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) technical committees concerned with standards in the communications and power distribution fields… (more)

The West African Cable System (WACS) landed at Yzerfontein, a small village on the Cape West coast on 19 April 2011, thereby doubling Africa’s broadband capacity. Its four fibre pairs and 128 wavelength technologies make it the largest cable system ever to land in sub-Sahara Africa… (more)

Defragmentation is vital to achieve and maintain peak performance. When thin provisioning is implemented on a shared virtualisation host file system, it creates a high degree of probability of thin/dynamic virtual disk files themselves becoming fragmented, adding additional I/O overhead… (more)

With the media hype about the newly landed West African Cable System offering 5,12 Tbps capacity from early next year, satellites have been pushed into the background with some even doubting that there is a future for these “birds in the sky”… (more)

South African companies have, for many years, shied away from voice over IP (VoiP) and/or cloud-based telephony solutions because of our legacy of slow and expensive bandwidth…(more)

Profibus is a diverse, flexible, and very accommodating industrial fieldbus network. It is found throughout virtually all industries, and forms the backbone for communication on the plant level. However, the reliability and robustness of Profibus is often tested by simple wiring faults… (more)

A robust industrial Ethernet infrastructure is essential to long-term performance and reliability. Industrial communications and control networks are expected to operate consistently and reliably under various types of extreme conditions… (more)

Electrical or electronic equipment using the public power grid or that has potential for electromagnetic emissions must pass electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. Agilent Technologies has produced a detailed application note on the subject…(more)

To meet the continuously rising demand for quality assurance, integrated measurement technology has become indispensable for industrial manufacturing. Laser measurement technology has increasingly profited from this trend due to its non-contact, fast and maintenance-free measurement process… (more)

The authors explain how improvements in silicon performance are being combined with optimal package technology to improve the efficiency, reliability and thermal performance of next-generation power Mosfets… (more)

Russia to finance Angola’s first national satellite;
Uganda orders shut-down of Facebook, Twitter for 24 hours;
Glo-1 cable goes live in Ghana;
Habari extends internet coverage to Kilimanjaro;
Zambia’s Zamtel targets 80% national coverage;
Rwandan court appoints administrator for Rwandatel;
Nigeria in top ten in world telecoms growth rate;
Zimbabwe commissions new transmission equipment;
Ethio-Telecom limits EVDO internet access… (more)

In this monthly feature, Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS6AKV, executive chairman of the South African Amateur Radio Development Trust (SAARDT), looks at various technologies and activities that drive amateur radio… (more)

New galaxy found?
SA to assist Mozambique in building a telescope
Office of astronomy for development opens in Cape Town
Collision of neutron stars can generate gamma-ray bursts
DUT and University of Mauritius in joint astronomy project
New stamp series recognises SA’s space programme

Within a few weeks, Judge Kgomo of the South Gauteng High Court will rule on whether Eskom must hand over certain documents requested by Media 24 in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act that would reveal details of secret pricing deals with BHP Billiton that have long been held to be confidential. However the matter may not end here, but could be heading for the Constitutional Court… (more)

Eskom has announced that rebates for solar water heaters will be reduced at the end of April 2011. This may seem counterintuitive, as the Eskom rebate program was developed to help the solar water heater market reach a target of one million units installed by 2014… (more)

Although a mature technology, combined heat and power (CHP) is in demand more than ever, thanks to its ability to cut costs, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions… (more)

This article forms part of Platts’ ongoing coverage of the impact of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami which hit northeast Japan on 11 March 2011… (more)

Oil filled cables still form a major part of the high voltage (>33 kV) cable network in many countries. These cables are extremely reliable until they are damaged and start leaking. Pollution of ground water and environmental damge as a result can be a major problem… (more)

For the first time in more than a century, the SAIEE’s membership demographics are becoming representative of our wider society, but the need for improved secondary education in South Africa remains one of the biggest threats to electrical engineering… (more)

Oil filled cables still form a major part of the high voltage (>33 kV) cable network in many countries. These cables are extremely reliable until they are damaged and start leaking. Pollution of ground water and environmental damge as a result can be a major problem… (more)

Electrical arc flash safety is achieved through safe working practices, engineering interventions, training and lastly personal protective equipment (PPE)… (more)

Different test devices and methods are used in the market to verify the performance of current transformers during development, production, installation and maintenance… (more)

To generate 10% of the world energy requirement by 2020 by means of photovoltaic technology, would require a daily installation of 15 km2 of PV panels per day until that year… (more)

This project was concerned with establishing the technical and economic effectiveness of solar powered absorption cooling systems for southern African climatic conditions. In this study, a complete system utilising solar energy without an auxilliary boiler was designed and optimised… (more)

Electrical noise is the enemy of accurate measurement, and it is often an acute problem in high-voltage insulation testing. But what exactly is electrical noise, what are its effects and what can be done about it?… (more)

Solar-energy-based photovoltaic (PV) systems are a quickly growing source of distributed generation (DG) and connect to the power distribution system. One critical challenge is islanding control. Research is underway to devise best practice methods for anti-islanding for all power mismatch conditions… (more)

Energy Resource Optimizers (ERO) developed and implemented an energy management strategy at one hotel that is part of a large group of hotels… (more)

National growth manifests itself to the power supply industry as a surge in demand on the distribution networks, which form the bulk of the electricity supply industry infrastructure but don’t get the attention enjoyed by the transmission networks or generation infrastructure… (more)

The choice of batteries for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or standby power systems is critical and can spell the difference between ecology-conscious decisions and decisions that ignore the values of “green” initiatives… (more)

Earthquakes have the potential to cause extensive damage to infrastructure. Making power products earthquake-proof is no easy task… (more)

Various researchers have highlighted the integration of small-dimension optical communication and micro-systems into mainstream silicon fabrication technology. The realisation of sufficiently efficient light-emitters has, however, been a major technological challenge… (more)

This is a very brief, “shorthand” style guide to the new markings on products intended for use in areas where there is a danger of explosions… (more)

 This study sought to determine the amount of power used by a typical household for the purposes of home entertainment. As more and more people choose to purchase more elaborate home entertainment equipment, the per-household power draw of such devices will only continue to increase… (more)

In the battle against global warming, people are now demanding cars that use less fuel and emit less CO2. In addition to research into a dependable alternative drive to the conventional internal combustion engine, cost-saving potential is also in focus. One approach is the reduction of vehicle weight… (more)

Siemens’ Technology-to-Business centres are providing support to a range of young companies. Available products include LEDs capable of outshining metal halide lamps, PV panels that use one tenth the silicon of conventional models, battery-powered vehicle detection systems that last ten years, and an efficient transmission… (more)

 Most electricity usage for business is during peak demand periods. Many business owners overlook the possibility of reducing power consumption in the workplace because of their concerns about hindering the work environment or production levels. So, what can one do to cut electricity usage at work?… (more)

 Safety is paramount to manufacturing and should be every company’s highest priority. This objective may sometimes appear to be in conflict with the goal to be as productive as possible… (more)

Non-metallic type socket-outlets and light switches do not have any earth terminals, and hence it poses the question: Should the metal box be earthed? … (more)

Resistance to change is always stronger when a new technology is more expensive than the old. However, rising Eskom bills bring a new factor to the equation… (more)

 By supporting the redesign of tower clocks with the latest LED technology, Osram has received the Viscom 2010 Best Practice Light Advertising Award… (more)

 A national amendment to existing IEC standards introduces a new “efficiency label” to facilitate the demise of inefficient lighting technologies… (more)

In Europe, seven major players have created a web portal for electrical installation professionals in more than ten countries, a vast information and marketing tool with 350 000 registered users across the European continent. Perhaps we should take a leaf from their book?… (more)

When there was a generation capacity surplus in South Africa, Eskom entered into secret commodity-linked electricity pricing and supply agreements with a limited number of large, energy-intensive users of electricity, including BHP Billiton’s Hillside, Bayside and Mozal aluminium smelters, and Anglo American’s Skorpion Zinc… (more)

EE Publishers has established a facility at its website for citizens to upload articles, files and supporting documents under the category of Citizen Journalism. In addition, a Facebook page entitled EE Publishers for Citizen Journalism has been set up to post commentaries, pictures, captions, links & audio/video clips… (more)

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