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by Chris Yelland, managing director, EE Publishers

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With uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. That is to say, if you are a regular user of UPSs it is worth spending a little time getting to know the basics of UPS technology to ensure that you get what you ask for… (more)

Two years ago the South African telecoms sector saw a window of opportunity open on the moribund policy in the ICT sector in South Africa with the appointment of a new minister and director general of communications. That window blew shut with the internal wrangling and lack of leadership that focused on quick political gains rather than developing a vision for this sector… (more)

Accepting the position as chairperson of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) takes a brave person, given the Authority’s history of the past few years… (more)

The SADC has adopted the European standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting. In addition, the region has adopted the latest version of the standard, known as digital video broadcasting terrestrial version 2, or DVB-T2. The question now is whether South Africa will go it alone and adopt the Japanese/Brazilian standard, or whether the government will return to its original decision and continue with DVB-T or its updated version DVB-T2… (more)

Shortly after ICASA awarded mobile TV licences and made spectrum available, MultiChoice launched its mobile TV service with a free trial period… (more)

When reading this headline your first reaction may be “wishful thinking!” For South Africa, you would be right. For Australians it is a new reality. Their government recently announced a R300-billion project to provide broadband for all Australians by 2018… (more)

The terms power factor, crest factor, and surge factor refer to completely different and unrelated phenomena. These characteristics are often specified for UPS systems, and customers will sometimes place them in specifications… (more)

From the shop floor up, there seems to be a level in companies where engineering principles and logic stop and an undefined “something” takes over and remains with the company all the way to the boardroom. The result is that one set of rules applies to creating wealth while another applies to managing it… (more)

I have decided to write this article as a “part two”. Although this was not my original intention, my article in EngineerIT, May 2010 created a lot of interest and even elicited a response in the form of an e-mail advert from a clamp-on meter supplier… (more)

The DX Century Club is an amateur radio operating award earned by making contact with 100 or more countries around the world. There are two ways of achieving this… (more)

  • Telecom operators to lobby governments on growth
  • Fibre optics to connect Angola’s provincial capitals in 2011
  • Malawi’s fixed-line operator faces competition
  • Kenya plans levy to boost network coverage in remote areas
  • Nigeria’s Etisalat acquires access to 3G licence
  • Mozambique mobile phone masts vandalised for fuel
  • Econet Zimbabwe investing US$300-million network
  • Mobile phone operator due to launch in Tanzania soon
  • New products help ease Ugandan firm’s revenue decline
  • Bandwidth revolution to bring light to Africa… (more)

The Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) has a vision to provide South African researchers with world-class facilities and make South Africa a destination for high-end computing in the southern hemisphere… (more)

Industrial computer manufacturers need to deliver a product that is rugged, hardened, and reliable to a degree beyond the consumer standard. These requirements exist because industrial computers are often deployed in severe conditions and harsh environments, sometimes even on moving vehicles. One key industrial requirement is vibration and shock resistance, which allows industrial computers to operate in truly extreme conditions… (more)

Strategic thinking when facing a tough challenge requires recognising how to make optimal use of all available assets. A chess player, for example, who chooses to exclude some of his chessmen from his strategy, is inherently disadvantaging himself. This is no different in manufacturing processes… (more)

Based on a differential RS-485 signal, Profibus DP is quite robust and well-suited to the plant environment. Typically, voltage spikes and interference are able to cancel each other out… (more)

Space and beyond technology updates:

Monitoring space weather
Free Earth science satellite supports environmental applications
Global eruption rocks the sun
South Africa gets it own space agency

A personal power source for your laptop; a portable UC conference room – a speakerphone designed for audio conferencing; power your cellphone and iPod simply by placing it on a mat… (more)

Methane, a clean-burning gas, will be piped from the Mozambique coast to MTN’s Fairlands campus in Johannesburg to fire a new tri-generation plant to produce electricity… (more)

Consumers who are shopping around for a solar heating system in an attempt to save money on their electricity bills should first do some background research. They should be careful to choose a system that is based on the right technology for South African conditions… (more)

Innovative and intuitive technology for building and room control solutions can be adapted to the user’s needs and also help to increase energy efficiency… (more)

Steadily increasing energy consumption and the environmental impact via rising carbon emissions demand that developers take serious cognisance of the importance of designing and constructing energy efficient offices, commercial buildings and homes… (more)

Early warnings of problems developing in a plant give the maintenance staff a significant advantage, enabling rapid rescheduling, repair and return to service. An on-line web-based condition monitoring system called 4Site provides early detection and correction of potential plant problems by monitoring the mechanical and electrical performance of customers’ systems… (more)

In the US code of federal regulations, Title 49 (aka 49 CFR) on transportation safety defines a hazardous material. Lithium battery testing requirements are detailed under section 38.3. Eight tests are defined, designated T.1 through T.8… (more)

Low voltage down-lights are effective and very fashionable. When correctly spaced they provide excellent lighting, usually for commercial and domestic applications. In some residential complexes the developer avoids the expense of decorative luminaires by installing standard 50 mm down-lights everywhere, from living room to bathroom… (more)

Is the compact fluorescent lamp really an energy-saving, demand-reducing, ecologically benign wonder product? Will it supplant the incandescent lamp and light up a better world of reduced carbon footprints and lighter energy bills? Or are we backing an impractical, immature technology as a quick fix to our energy woes?… (more)

The UK’s Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry (JIB) has announced its latest figures for the resolution of disputes and grievances within the industry. During 2009, the JIB handled 124 cases which were referred to it because the dispute in question could not be resolved within the company’s own procedures… (more)

Early in 2005 Marc Yorinda approached the Electrical Development Training Trust Fund for a bursary to study electrical engineering at Wits University. Marc was a Rwandan refugee who arrived in South Africa after having “walked and hitch hiked” from Rwanda… (more)

Eseta’s KwaZulu-Natal Business Performance Capacity Building Programme was launched on 26 November. The programme, which targets 200 learners from businesses in the energy and water supply sectors, is already successfully taking shape in the Eden district of George… (more)

 There are various ethical aspects that health professionals must comply with which are regulated in the ethical and professional rules of the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to appropriate action being taken against a health practitioner. The importance of these rules to employers is that they also regulate, among others, the issuing of “sick notes”… (more)

 Most people are not aware that electrical contractors must register annually. This registration has been undertaken by The Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECB) on behalf of The Department of Labour (DoL), who is the custodian of the Occupational Health and Safety Act since 1993… (more)

Members who have been in business for many years have described 2010 as the worst they can remember. There was an alarming decline in the amount of work available… (more)

On the morning of Thursday  25 November 2010 the power supply to the little residential complex where I stay was cut off. I thought nothing of it because Johannesburg’s old and decrepit distribution network has made power interruptions common… (more)

by Chris Yelland, managing director, EE Publishers

Chris Yelland speaking on Radio 702 on Friday 7 January 2011 with Stephen Grootes, discussing Eskom and the state of the electricity power system in South Africa.

Click here to listen to the discussion (MP3 audio file)

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