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The eThekwini Municipality has unveiled an “energy office” to increase awareness around saving electricity and promoting energy efficiency. The office will establish the municipality as a leading local authority in promoting and implementing energy management to achieve a sustainable energy future for businesses and residents of eThekwini… ( more)

Africa’s potential to be one of the biggest consumers of renewable energy will be one of the topics to be discussed at the forthcoming International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Solar World Congress. Chairperson Jon Adams believes that Africa is ‘a sleeping giant’ with regard to consumption of renewable energy… (more)


bernie-fanaroffsmallThe SKA Forum saw leading South African and international astronomers meet with representatives from governments and funding agencies from around the world to discuss the design, construction and science goals of this mega science instrument. At the event Dr. Bernie Fanaroff, project director of SKA South Africa, gave an update on developments of the SKA in South Africa.  “Telescopes look at very weak signals and so need to push the limits of technology…” 

gillmarkusDr. Gill Marcus, non-executive chairman of ABSA, speaking at the  2009 SKA Forum in Cape Town on 26 February said that  the world needs new young thinkers and they must come from the science world where there are no limits in thinking. She is convinced that the SKA will give young Africans a sense of purpose and inspire them to pursue maths and science at school, and to follow careers in science and engineering. 

Audiocast: Gill Marcus Keynote Address (MP3)

The sales team at EE Publishers is very successful. The ladies have an outstanding record of giving their customers good advice.  They know it is a big mistake to slash the marketing budget too heavily during an economic downturn. Long experience has shown that those who market with care during the downturn are those who come out stronger when the graph turns upward again… (more)

The world has been caught in the era of incandescent light for so long that people tend to behave as though there are no alternatives. With new technologies, many long-held beliefs are now being shown up as myths… (more)

There was a need in industry, mines and factories for competent people to assume responsibility for a safe working environment for the personnel, the machines and surrounds of the workplace. As a result of this the first government certificate of competency was issued… (more)

Leading South African and international astronomers recently met with representatives from governments and funding agencies from around the world. The SKA Forum was the highlight of two weeks of specialist meetings that focused on the design, construction and science goals of this mega-science instrument… (more)

Hotter than the sun and yet one of the coldest places on earth, the largest machine in the world is 27 km long, lives 100 m underground and spans two countries. The machine, called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will cost a staggering $3,5-billion. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, more commonly known as CERN, has designed it to reveal the secrets of the universe… (more)

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) has recently indicated that globally the skills shortage is no longer a major factor and that companies are retrenching engineers as a result of the financial crisis. I believe that this may be an opportunity to attract those skills back to South Africa… (more)

The Dacomb Report seriously errs in presuming that sweeping “ivory tower” authority should be given to planners. Such singular power would be disastrous for the general development of South Africa; it is certainly anti-competitive and is probably unconstitutional. Keeping in mind Lord Acton`s famous observation that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, SAGI and its members will not allow this to happen… (more)

Audiocast: PositionIT editor interviews Gavin Lloyd, chairman of SAGI (MP3 file)

Consulting Engineers South Africa has welcomed the Budget news that spend on infrastructure will reach close to R800-billion over the next three years and find it encouraging that government has prioritised Eskom, housing, water and sanitation and the Expanded Public Works Programme.  However, there is concern about the negative consequences of not focusing on the maintenance of existing infrastructure particularly in the local government sphere… (more)

Minerals and Energy Minister Buyelwa Sonjica disclosed that the cabinet had reached a firm decision that, in order to remove a significant stumbling block in getting municipalities to restructure their electricity departments to become part of the REDs, and to enable EDI restructuring to proceed, the constitution of South Africa would be changed in respect of the present entrenched rights and responsibilities of local government to provide electricity reticulation… (more)

Audio-cast: Introduction by DME Minister (MP3 file)
Audio-cast: Response by EDI Holdings Chairperson (MP3 file)
Audio-cast: Presentation by EDI Holdings CEO (MP3 file)
Audio-cast: Responses to questions by Yelland (MP3 file)

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