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The Hermanus Magnetic Observatory (HMO) operates a high frequency radar system at the South African Antarctic base as part of the SuperDARN network of auroral region radars. EE Publishers’ features editor Hans van de Groenendaal speaks to Lindsey Magnus via satellite phone from the South Pole… (more)

Audio-cast: Lindsey Magnus from the South Pole (2,2 MB MP3 file)


Eskom Chairman Bobby Godsell was the guest speaker at EE Publishers’ Executive Business Briefing on 6 February 2009, where he presented on the energy crisis and the way forward for South Africa. Listen to an audio recording of his presentation here… (more)

Audio-cast: Bobby Godsell speaks out (2,8 MB MP3 file)

Towards the end of 2008, Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory’s 26 m radio telescope suffered a failure of the main bearing which is located at the southern end of the antenna’s polar axis. This failure has taken the telescope out of commission and in order to minimise any additional stress caused by wind pressure, it has been parked at zenith, facing the sky. Prof. Ludwig Combrinck at HartRAO discusses the implications… (more)

There once was a big, mean, ugly, hairy and hungry wolf that roamed the countryside looking for something to devour. Its food reserves for the winter, buried during the heydays of summer when sheep were plentiful and it couldn’t possibly eat them all, had all been squandered in frenzied orgies of gluttonous revelry. Now the chickens wouldn’t even come home to roost, and the beast was in dire straights indeed… (more)

The reports about punitive electricity tariffs to regulate electricity consumption are a cause for serious concern. The answer to electricity supply failure lies in mobilizing the people with visionary leadership, and not in punitive tariffs… (more)

Have we reached the ultimate in mobility for the time being or can we expect some major new developments during this year? EngineerIT invited three experts in the industry to give us their views in a panel discussion. Participants were Russel Stromin of Strike Media, Scott Gilbert of Kathea (representing Jabra in South Africa), and Rob Lith of Connection Telecom… (more)

In looking at the buzz around cloud computing, there are some related matters worth noting. A couple of recent announcements point the way to a changed landscape for local internet usage, even if that progress is slowed by recession or legislative hurdles… (more)

Julian Gray of GNA Geomatics writes that Green Point Stadium reached a significant milestone in its construction cycle in December 2008 with the final high precision survey being successfully undertaken of the fully erected compression ring. The stadium is owned by the City of Cape Town which is a host city for the 2010 FIFA World Cup… (more)

Despite all the attempts to “professionalise” IT, it is painfully evident that an unacceptable number of large so-called “IT projects” are continuing to fail, or simply do not deliver on their promises. If this were happening in any other any technology-driven sector, the consequences would simply be unacceptable. Outgoing head of the Britsh Computer Society Dr. Mike Rodd, comments… (more)

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